Friday, December 13, 2013

And her name is......

Almost to 26 weeks, guys!

Why is this going by so fast?

Baby girl has a name now! It's been a pretty common reaction for people to say "Huh?" or "What" when I tell them her name. It's a name I have had picked out for years! Husband just warmed up to it and said "that's fine" when it came down to making the final decision. Her name will be Evaleigh Ann. I have always loved Evaleigh. Ann was my dear Momma's middle name.

Evaleigh Ann. Although I'm not too keen on the spelling of Evaleigh yet. I have always written it as Evaley. I think it's more simple. But using "leigh" will cover a few more bases as far as naming her after loved ones :)

I've noticed a bit of a waddle when I walk now :)

 A sweet coworker made these for me because I loved them SO MUCH last time she made them! And don't be fooled-they are weight watchers brownies!

How far along? 25 weeks, 4 days!

Total weight gain: I'll find out on Monday when I go back to the doctor. I haven't been since November 14th!

Maternity clothes? Still wearing a combination of regular and maternity tops, but I'm wearing maternity leggings and pants...they are so much more comfortable. 

Sleep: Sleep is still coming very easy to me :) I don't think i require as much of it anymore, but I never turn down an opportunity for a snooze.

Movement: She goes through spurts of movement. A few days in a row she is a little monkey in there and then some days she just boops here and there. Early morning when I wake to use the restroom and lay back down I really enjoy the time I have to feel her move around. I feel like that's when she moves the most and I don't mind laying there awake and just soaking it all in.

Food cravings: Teriyaki Chicken and baked potato this week. On Wednesday I actually thought I might lose my mind if I didn't get to eat it!!

Gender: Baby GIRL :)

Baby is: the size of a zucchini, about 13 inches and almost 2 pounds!

Best moment this week: Two people at work randomly commenting on the same day about how much my belly has grown. I don't mind it at all! It means she is a growing girl!

Looking forward to: Buying some more maternity tops. Visiting with family over Christmas :)

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