Monday, December 16, 2013

All bellies are NOT created EQUAL

Older feller I work with asked me at our company Christmas party last night (while I was all dolled up and feeling fancy)- "When are you due?"

Me-"March 24th"

Older Feller- "Gah dang you're going to need a wheelbarrow to walk around by then!"

ANNNNNNNND KILL all confidence I had in my cute new dress.

Today another coworker says to me-"You're belly really has dropped! I don't think you'll make it to March the way you're growing!"

So those two conversations prompted me to go to Pinterest and search "26 weeks" and I immediately smiled. Bellies come in all shapes and sizes and I think they are all completely adorable! Mine is large. She is healthy. And if it turns out that I do, in fact, NEED a wheelbarrow, I'll ride along proudly :)

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