Monday, March 3, 2014

36 & 37 weeks!

So I've made a habit of combining my weeks.....
Not the original plan, but these days what is going according to plan?

Not a thing.

Nothing too exciting to report. I look like an oompa loompa but still feel pretty good.
I am just pretty tired and unmotivated all the time :(

Sweet baby E at 36 weeks :) 

I needed a nap!

Someone told me when they saw this picture "Don't sneeze!" 

 Any day now? NOOOOO! I'm so nervous!

How far along? 37 weeks today

Total weight gain: 19 pounds!

Maternity clothes? love them! the length og the shirts and the belly bands on the maternity pants are heavenly!

Sleep: It's still going better than i expected but no matter how early I go to bed it still feel worn out!

Movement: All knees, feet, legs, and hiccups now. Baby girl is LOW!

Food cravings: nothing specific. any food in general :)

Gender: It's a sweet little girl!

Baby is: the size of a small watermelon!

Best moment this week: Getting her room more organized, and shopping with my Aunt :)

Looking forward to: Meeting my girl! It's all so surreal. I still don't know if I'll believe I'm having a baby even when they place her in my arms!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

34 & 35 Weeks Ya'll!!!

Gracious where has the time gone.
Sadly I have missed yet ANOTHER post.

Evaleigh is doing great. Now the doctor's say my belly is measuring consistently and she seems to be growing great.

We are now on to weekly appointments.
They scheduled one more ultrasound to make sure she is okay in there and that happens in just 5 days!
I love getting to see her!!

This weekend we got the nursery furniture put in her room. It's all coming together! Now we just need some curtains, a rug, a swing and a crib mattress and she is all set. Oh....and some wall decor of course!

How far along? 35 weeks (will be 36 on 02/24/14)

Total weight gain: 18 lbs :)

Maternity clothes? As much as I can! 

Sleep: Not having trouble as of yet. I still frequent the restroom a lot during the night but I'm able to fall back asleep.

Movement: Lots of BIG moves. And I can see her hiccups on the outside now!

Food cravings: Nothing super specific. A couple days it was ice cream. Then for a couple days it was nachos. 

Gender: Baby GIRL

Baby is: the size of a small watermelon & gaining an ounce a day :)

Best moment this week: Finally seeing her furniture set up in her room. There is still a lot of progress to be made but's a step in the very best direction!

Looking forward to: Completing her room!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

32 & 33 Weeks

I skipped a post!
I have been so busy with work I completely forgot to take the time to update my baby status ya'll!!

So I'll dump some photos and a recent little questionnaire :)

My shower was hosted by my Amber, Erin, and my sister, Mehle. It was at a beautiful B&B in Graham, Texas called Revel Manor.

 Erin's Mama made the cake. It was the BEST cake I have ever had!!
 This is a picture of the wreath and "E" that Amber hand made for our baby girl. I have them hanging on her bedroom door. LOVE!
 The ladies who made it all possible: Mehle (sister), Erin & Amber
 Mehle, Me & Erin
 Me and Sister
 Afton, Me, Amber
 Erin, Me, Marianne

Me and My Daddy. He said he liked the name Evaleigh as long as he could call her Evie. I was never thrilled with that idea but I gave he bought these for her nursery. He is my greatest supporter and truly the best Dad in the world. He has been there for me every step of the way. I don't know where I would be without him! LOVE YOU SO MUCH DAD!

How far along? 33 weeks & 3 days

Total weight gain: 18 lbs 

Maternity clothes? Love them! 

Sleep: Still snoozing like a pro!

Movement: She is still kicking and rolling all over the place. My precious baby girl is running out of room in there!

Food cravings: At this point- ANY food works for me :)

Gender: GIRL!

Baby is: currently measuring on the small side :( Evaleigh is just over 4 pounds as of last weeks appointment.

Best moment this week: My baby shower! The amount of love and kindness from my friends and family was something I'll never forget. It was by far the best day ever!

Looking forward to: Getting her furniture and her room set up! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

30 weeks

I am starting to feel pregnant.
Let me be more specific- it's not a complaint, so much as an observation. Everyone told me the time would come. "Just wait until you're further along." as if they wanted to make sure I was being realistic and knew it wasn't all sunshine and roses.

I am moving a little more slow these days.
My feet ache a little more.
It's getting uncomfortable to sleep some nights.
My lower back has a constant dull ache.

But my gracious has she been moving a lot more lately :)

I went to the Doctor on Monday and she said I am measuring a little bigger (still) than "normal"
That prompted her to schedule one more sono! As long as she is healthy I don't care how big I get, honestly. It's worth the aches and pains. And it'll be the last time Daddy and I get to see our little baby girl until she is born :)

Here's the huge belly:

How far along? 31 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain: 18 lbs per last weigh in (3 days ago)

Maternity clothes? What a fabulous invention :)

Sleep: Getting a little more uncomfortable but still managing to snooze for 8 hours

Movement: Evaleigh loves to boogie :) and I love when she does. It's so cute to feel and even see my belly move. It's the neatest feeling in the whole world!

Food cravings: Yesterday and today it was chicken salad :) So yummy!

Gender: Sweet little baby girl!

Baby is: approximately 17" and 3.5 lbs!!

Best moment this week: Seeing her kick from the outside & knowing I'll have another chance to see her in 2 weeks!

Looking forward to: My shower on the 1st! I am so excited!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

29 weeks

Technically, I'm 29 weeks and 3 days, but who is counting, right??

It's all going by too fast.
It feels like we just found out yesterday that we were pregnant and now I'm closer to the end than I am the beginning!

My point of view looking down. Where did my feet go?

How far along? 29 weeks

Total weight gain: 13 pounds as of my last Doctor's appointment.

Maternity clothes? oh they are lovely!

Sleep: is getting slightly uncomfortable. 

Movement: I think she is running out of room in there! The boops aren't as strong as they used to be. There are times when I think she is rolling & feels like she is going to burst out of my belly! It's crazy. I hope she is comfortable in there!

Food cravings: Any food at this point, really :) Like right this very second I would kick a midget in the shins for a hamburger and FF. But nothing constant.

Gender: Baby GIRL :)

Baby is: 16 inches long and approximately 3 pounds :) 

Best moment this week:  I passed my 3 hour glucose test!! WOO HOO!!

Looking forward to: My doctor's appointment on Monday to see how everything is going.

Friday, January 3, 2014

28 weeks

This is the start of my last trimester. It is so bittersweet to think in just a few more months my baby girl will be here!

It also makes me sad because I just want her to stay in my belly and be safe forever. I know that this will probably be my first and last time to experience pregnancy and I've really enjoyed it for the most part.

My emotions have gotten the best of me more often that I would like to admit but it's all part of being a hormonal pregnant lady :) I've noticed I need a little more reassurance from Husband than normal. I cry about little things. I cry about big things. I cry a lot, actually. I do feel like since being pregnant my close friends have drifted away from me more. It's such a weird feeling.


Here's a photo dump :)
A collage of our family Christmas

 Daddy got Evaleigh some Ohio State socks and bibs! So cute! Go Buckeyes!

Evaleigh's new stroller from my Stepmom and her Mom 

28 weeks and growing! Please excuse the lounge clothes! 

 I chopped all my hair off the day before Christmas!

I am currently working on my new diet for the 3 hour glucose test I have to take. What a bummer! I just knew I would be fine and come to find out my levels are just slightly higher than what they should be. I'll go in Monday morning to take that and hopefully I pass! 

I've also come to realize that I am having the hardest darn time picking out her furniture! I never knew i would be so indecisive with it! It's between a nursery set at JCPenny that includes a convertible crib, dresser, and changing table, OR the Jenny Lind 3 in 1 crib I've had my eye on at Target pieced together with a pink chair and a dresser that will double as a changing table. I'm struggling because there are things I like & dislike about both ideas! But I did get the most beautiful bedding!! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

26 weeks and a Sumo Wrestler

At my latest doctor's appointment I was reminded of the size of my belly when it actually shocked the Nurse. 

I haven't gained too much weight but when she had me lay down to measure and feel my belly she was very much surprised. "That's hard as a rock! And alllll baby! She must have had one heck of a growth spurt since the last time you were here!"

She advised they will probably throw in another ultrasound just to make sure everything is going well. Any time I get to see my precious girl is a good thing to me so now I'm waiting to get that scheduled.

[[Belly pic to come!]]

How far along? 26 weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain: 13 pounds

Maternity clothes? Pants, yes. And i need more tops!

Sleep: is wonderful! 

Movement: Her rolls are becoming a lot more prominent. It's the best feeling in the world. I could lay still for HOURS just to feel her boop my belly over and over again!

Food cravings: dr pepper!

Gender: Baby GIRL :)

Baby is: 14.5 inches long, 2lbs and plumping up! She may be able to recognize mine and Daddy's voices now.

Best moment this week: So far just hearing her heartbeat and feeling her movements.

Looking forward to: Christmas!