Friday, January 17, 2014

30 weeks

I am starting to feel pregnant.
Let me be more specific- it's not a complaint, so much as an observation. Everyone told me the time would come. "Just wait until you're further along." as if they wanted to make sure I was being realistic and knew it wasn't all sunshine and roses.

I am moving a little more slow these days.
My feet ache a little more.
It's getting uncomfortable to sleep some nights.
My lower back has a constant dull ache.

But my gracious has she been moving a lot more lately :)

I went to the Doctor on Monday and she said I am measuring a little bigger (still) than "normal"
That prompted her to schedule one more sono! As long as she is healthy I don't care how big I get, honestly. It's worth the aches and pains. And it'll be the last time Daddy and I get to see our little baby girl until she is born :)

Here's the huge belly:

How far along? 31 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain: 18 lbs per last weigh in (3 days ago)

Maternity clothes? What a fabulous invention :)

Sleep: Getting a little more uncomfortable but still managing to snooze for 8 hours

Movement: Evaleigh loves to boogie :) and I love when she does. It's so cute to feel and even see my belly move. It's the neatest feeling in the whole world!

Food cravings: Yesterday and today it was chicken salad :) So yummy!

Gender: Sweet little baby girl!

Baby is: approximately 17" and 3.5 lbs!!

Best moment this week: Seeing her kick from the outside & knowing I'll have another chance to see her in 2 weeks!

Looking forward to: My shower on the 1st! I am so excited!

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