Wednesday, January 8, 2014

29 weeks

Technically, I'm 29 weeks and 3 days, but who is counting, right??

It's all going by too fast.
It feels like we just found out yesterday that we were pregnant and now I'm closer to the end than I am the beginning!

My point of view looking down. Where did my feet go?

How far along? 29 weeks

Total weight gain: 13 pounds as of my last Doctor's appointment.

Maternity clothes? oh they are lovely!

Sleep: is getting slightly uncomfortable. 

Movement: I think she is running out of room in there! The boops aren't as strong as they used to be. There are times when I think she is rolling & feels like she is going to burst out of my belly! It's crazy. I hope she is comfortable in there!

Food cravings: Any food at this point, really :) Like right this very second I would kick a midget in the shins for a hamburger and FF. But nothing constant.

Gender: Baby GIRL :)

Baby is: 16 inches long and approximately 3 pounds :) 

Best moment this week:  I passed my 3 hour glucose test!! WOO HOO!!

Looking forward to: My doctor's appointment on Monday to see how everything is going.

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