Monday, March 3, 2014

36 & 37 weeks!

So I've made a habit of combining my weeks.....
Not the original plan, but these days what is going according to plan?

Not a thing.

Nothing too exciting to report. I look like an oompa loompa but still feel pretty good.
I am just pretty tired and unmotivated all the time :(

Sweet baby E at 36 weeks :) 

I needed a nap!

Someone told me when they saw this picture "Don't sneeze!" 

 Any day now? NOOOOO! I'm so nervous!

How far along? 37 weeks today

Total weight gain: 19 pounds!

Maternity clothes? love them! the length og the shirts and the belly bands on the maternity pants are heavenly!

Sleep: It's still going better than i expected but no matter how early I go to bed it still feel worn out!

Movement: All knees, feet, legs, and hiccups now. Baby girl is LOW!

Food cravings: nothing specific. any food in general :)

Gender: It's a sweet little girl!

Baby is: the size of a small watermelon!

Best moment this week: Getting her room more organized, and shopping with my Aunt :)

Looking forward to: Meeting my girl! It's all so surreal. I still don't know if I'll believe I'm having a baby even when they place her in my arms!

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