Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby Doc

I am going to a clinic here in town and I'm not loving any part of it.
I feel so anxious about all of my appointments and I think that's because I am never sure what to expect .

I feel like they are just herding cattle!

Yesterdays appointment was frustrating to say the least.
When the initial appointment was set up they told me it was to review blood work and measure my belly.
The receptionist called at about 1:30 and asked if I could move my appointment up from 4:00 to 3:00 since I was the last appointment of the day. I said sure and just figured I would make up the extra time on my lunch break at work one day.

2:50 - Arrive at Doctor's office and it's packed.
3:33 - Seems like everyone has been called ahead of ME...even people who checked in AFTER me...
3:59 - Well.....I'm now very impatient
4:10 - FINALLY my name gets called! I get weighed (I've gained 4 pounds ), she takes my BP and then says the Nurse Practitioner will be right in to speak with me.
4:22- NP comes in and apologizes for the wait. She listens to the baby's heartbeat for all of 2 seconds and then says go get your blood work done at the lab.

Calling all pregnant people! Are my hormones getting the best of me or should i have gone postal?
I was sure carted right off to the payment plan lady without so much as a breath.

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